…Today’s All You’ve Got One thing that should never elude our consciousness is the gift of ‘today’. You see, whatever you could do, whatever you could be or have; wherever you could get; you can today. Many people live in the shadows or ashes of their past. They’ve had aContinue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE … Ever Seen An Insignificant Human? We live at a time when class is everything. There are first-class, business-class, economic-class, pako-class and no-class citizens. The higher up the ladder you are, the more attention you get, and the more ‘significant’ you are made to believe you are (untilContinue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE Where is it hidden? Have you ever pondered or wondered why people do the things that they do? Some experts say, it’s in the temperament, some say it’s in the personality; some say it’s in the attitude; but I say it’s in the nature. Your nature is whoContinue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE The Power of Service Service is the use of our resources (abilities, skills, time, network, etc.) in helping others to achieve their goals. Usually, this could be for a fee or for free. Service is an integral part of the human system; and it begins from the family.Continue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE Who would you rather employ: an intelligent person or an inspired person? Intelligence is great. No one wants to hangout with a dullard. An intelligent can normally break down complex thoughts and make them easy to grasp. He has the capacity to aquire knowledge and apply them toContinue Reading

Everything we know and believe while growing up, we picked from our environment. This could be from our parents, relatives,  television, neighbors, streets, or school. And even as adults, we come to accept many of these things as our reality. Consequently, they control, constrain and shape our lives. It isContinue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE Are You Divided? One of the most delicate phases of life is the transition from high school to the tertiary institutions – or any transition for that matter. At this phase, we know where we are and where we are coming from, but are uncertain of where weContinue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE The Unseen Leader Each day, millions of people flood the highways, like they say ‘looking for their daily bread’. Many are driven by their animalistic instincts, some by their natural intelligence, and a few by their voice of inspiration. Those driven by instincts have an undying quest forContinue Reading

ACHIEVE MORE Give Your Wings One common but funny phenomenon of life is that no matter where you are in life, there will always be people ahead and behind you. While you may want to look up to those ahead of you to give you wings, you must also lookContinue Reading