Sometimes, we make some decisions that take us down the path of failure and regrets. Many people do not recover from such journeys. When you make a bad decision, what can you do to turn things around? How can you condition your mind to recognize decisions that may not goContinue Reading

One of the questions people ask is, “If I am in a state of shame, misery and hopelessness, how can I turn it around?”

Acceptance is a state of non-resistance. It is coming to terms with what ‘is’. Do not try to deny it, like you are in a trance or something. Do not blame yourself like it was all your fault; like you could have done something to prevent it from happening.

“…The hurt is there. It’s how we handle it that makes the difference.”

According to WHO, one person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide; this amounts to about 800,000 deaths annually. Another report also shows that men are three times more likely to attempt suicide than women. There have been debates whether it is a mental illness, a morally wrong action, orContinue Reading

You Can Go Through This

Yes, life often gets really tough. There comes a season of life when it seems you don’t know how to do anything, or it just seems things don’t go as expected. In this phase, you may be lacking in opportunities to add value to humanity (e.g. being jobless, broke), orContinue Reading

“Could this really be true?” “How many people would have had such (or similar) experiences in their places of work?” “Are people still being inconsiderate and devilish in their dealings with others in today’s world?” “When are we going to break out of self-centeredness and wickedness?” These and many moreContinue Reading

The staffs are generally lackadaisical about their work. When the organization is frustrated, it can be traceable to the fact that the employees are also frustrated. And one prominent character of a frustrated employee is nonchalance. See Signs of a Frustrated Employee. Creativity of staff is generally low. With low commitmentContinue Reading

He cannot see the link between the organization and his future. Almost every human has a picture of what he considers as his ideal future. When what he is doing right now does not seem to connect with that future, he begins to feel dissatisfied with his present position. IfContinue Reading

They shout. Some will shout on you, and even insult you, either for wasting their time, their money, or any resource depending on the nature of the product or service you offer. They would do this whether they call on phone or they visit your premises. See also Signs ofContinue Reading