The staffs are generally lackadaisical about their work. When the organization is frustrated, it can be traceable to the fact that the employees are also frustrated. And one prominent character of a frustrated employee is nonchalance. See Signs of a Frustrated Employee. Creativity of staff is generally low. With low commitmentContinue Reading

  They are your primary customers. If they don’t buy into your business, they’d frustrate all your network of customers and eventually kill your business. They are your helpers. I’ve seen quite a lot of employers treating their staff like they are doing them a favor for employing them. TheContinue Reading

  People choose different jobs or careers for diverse reasons; some for security reasons and a few for some sound reasons. Depending on the reason why you choose your job, jobs can be typified into five (5) broad categories. These are: 1.    Dream job This is predetermined. It is birthedContinue Reading

The greatest threat to productivity is not in working in a difficult terrain, but in not knowing what you have at your disposal in getting your job done. Too often, we believe that the problem is out there. We see the limitation too easily, losing sight of the opportunity thatContinue Reading

HOW TO STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY Staying happy and healthy can be as simple as ABC. If you can lay hold of the right tools, then you’d have no problem achieving your purposes. Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1. Have a Vision Nothing motivates likeContinue Reading