10 Facts About Employees

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  • September 27, 2012


  1. They are your primary customers. If they don’t buy into your business, they’d frustrate all your network of customers and eventually kill your business.
  2. They are your helpers. I’ve seen quite a lot of employers treating their staff like they are doing them a favor for employing them. The truth be told: you needed them because the work was becoming too bulky for only you to bear, and you’d never achieve your desire for a global business working alone. So, appreciate them for choosing you out of all available options.
  3. They have options. Don’t treat your employees as if they are with you simply because there are no jobs out there. They have a choice, and if you don’t acknowledge that, it won’t be long before you see them drop an envelope with you that they are deactivating their services with you for a better operator.
  4. They love to grow. Organizations are built around the tasks of daily operations of getting tasks done, setting and meeting targets, expansion of customer base, ensuring repeat customers…all that stuff. When you overuse your computer for some boring tasks, it would simply hang and wait for you to combine the ctrl + alt + delete keys to force some programs to close, or to reboot the system. You don’t need to force your employees to ‘reboot’ by killing them with the boredom of operations. Give them new challenges and refresher trainings to keep them fresh and updated on their job.
  5. They love to share in the glory. While the CEO (or whoever it is for your organization!) may be the face of the organization, he is not the entire body. The face is only beautiful because the hand dressed it, the eyes helped it to realize the need for a makeover, the brain gave it what combination to wear and the legs took it wherever it could be seen. Always acknowledge the contributions of your employees or subordinates to your success.
  6. They love to be understood. We all have issues as humans. And the selfish nature in us believes that our problems are the biggest – except of course for the few who have cultivated and developed positive thinking as a lifestyle. Before you pounce on your employees like a ravenous tiger, care enough to find out why s/he did what s/he did. If you are indeed caring, you’d be able to observe if it were all faked or not. And if it is becoming habitual, you may need to read the next point.
  7. They love to be disciplined. Where there are no rules, people become slaves to indulgence. They resolve to live by their instincts rather than by their conscience. They become animalistic, barbaric and uncontrollable. Understanding your employees therefore requires that you discipline them as due, within the confine of the agreed codes and conducts of the organization. I researched a particular hospital sometime ago to find out why employees don’t stay around for long. All the interviewees who were ex-workers in the hospital gave the same answers – the Medical Director just metes out punishments according to his mood. Any slight errors in conduct – like 5 minutes’ lateness – could mean two weeks suspension. They have to bear with insults day-in-day-out, and they are badly remunerated. The most loyal staff worked 6 months. I’m still wondering what the future holds for this hospital with this kind of disciplinary actions.
  8. They love to be involved. Often, a supervisor or CEO may have a brilliant idea that will surely move the company forward. He calls his staff together and communicates so passionately, persuasively and promisingly. He may even have carefully drafted the roles and responsibilities of each employee, and worked out a new rewards and remuneration plan should things work out. However, he may be surprised after his brilliant presentation that they only managed to give him some clap. The CEO may have resolved the issues for them, but so long as he didn’t involve them, it still remains The CEO’s Idea, and not Our Idea.
  9. They are humans. This means that they are flesh; and blood runs through their veins. One language I’m so sure blood understands is love and respect. Even when you abuse a machine, it would give it back to you – by refusing to corporate. How much more a human. Love your employees. Treat them with respect. Be cautious, courteous and conscientious in your dealings with them. They are your employees today, but you never can tell how far they’d go later in life. The greatest CEO’s in the world ensure that all their subordinates are as successful as they are. Ask Bill Gates. Don’t despise or spitefully use them. The only room that can never be completely filled is the room for self improvement. If they don’t stop getting better, they’d eventually catch up with you. Trust me!
  10. They love trust. Employees can only thrive in an atmosphere of trust. Never develop a habit or reputation for not being able to keep to your promises. Keep to the terms of employment. And if there is need for any adjustments, discuss it over with them, present the facts, and seek to obtain their approval. Never veto a midway change of plans on your staff. Also, never cheat on your customers. If you don’t treat the customers well or you extort them, you are sending a wrong message to your staff. What happens in Lagos may also happen in Los Angeles. If you betray their trust, you’ve simply lost their loyalty. They may be smiling with you, but, trust me, their heart is somewhere else.

Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.

To your productivity,

D. A. B.




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Adeniji Ayodeji
September 27, 2012 Reply

Great thoughts. Kudos to dab

Victor Oyefeso
September 27, 2012 Reply

This is impressive. Fact! Please keep up the good work.

September 29, 2012 Reply

As an employer, i really appreciate this piece and most of it are true, yet reading through gives me an impression you have never been an employer before, and if you have ever been employed to a place to work, you probably have never taken the time to understand your employer as well. Under the aspect of “They love discipline and humans” Unfortunately, we have such a bad attitude to work in this part of the world (NIGERIA) and instead of yielding to discipline and be correct, we take it out on the employer and say all kinds and manner of things. There is NO WHERE in NIGERIA, i repeat NO WHERE in which discipline is up to the least place in some organized places abroad. We have no working culture, it is killing to our dear country, NIGERIA. Please push more of people having a team spirit at work and the correct attitude to whatever their duties are. Again, thanks for the piece, more grease to your elbow. Just heard from a friend in an organized country, we are still a joker here. We will get there someday, NIGERIA will flourish again.

    Ayo Bankole
    October 2, 2012 Reply

    Thanks Mrs. Just decided to speak from the Employee’s perspective. I have other thoughts on Work Ethics that even things out. You may book a session for your staff. Please call +2348096001659 now.

adekoye david
October 2, 2012 Reply

Well done d.a.b.our employers in this part of the world,use the tools and when blunt throw them away bcos there are many waiting to be used.its a pity nigeria is where we are today.its getting better!

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