Keys to Building A Productive Workforce

Why is The Workforce Also Called
is a tool that is used by shepherds in guiding their flock or herd towards a
defined and desired destination. It can be used as a rod of correction if the
sheep goes astray, or a tool to draw it near and part it on the back should it
a staff to the shepherd, so is the staff to the CEO or Business Owner. He has a
defined and desired end for establishing the company. And like every vision, it
is usually too big to be accomplished all alone. Let me put this to your face:
if your vision is such that you can accomplish all alone, you’d never go far.
And I promise you, that vision will die long before you are dead physically.
Without people, your vision will surely perish.
need people to manage your resources in achieving your vision and fulfilling
your mission. But here is a caution: you must know the kind of people to
employ, and the right way to deploy and deal with them.
Qualities of Hirable People
Hire a staff that has a purpose close
to yours
. The more divergent the purpose, the farther apart you will
Hire a staff with a great attitude.
Attitude is everything. The attitudes that are key to your survival are
learning, work, core beliefs and values.
iii. Hire
a staff with a heart for service
. Check their volunteer
profile. If they are not used to service, they may have a real issue adjusting
to work environment, especially if the job is people-oriented.
iv.  Hire
a staff that is excited about life
. You can never hire frustrated
people and be first-rated. Below are some intolerable qualities of frustrated
They are never content with life.
They are ardent complainers.
They find it hard to make their own decisions without
environmental, cultural or emotional influence.
They are quick to spot the wrong, and would never commend the
They are generally insecure.
They usually feel they are older than everyone else.
They believe and confess that life is unfair.
They blame every other person except themselves.
They always believe the grass is greener on the other side.
They seize opportunities to castigate, dominate or intimidate others.
They would normally demand respect rather than earn it.
They never have sound personal convictions.
Hire a staff with a well-formed
. This is especially true if you are recruiting for a leadership
position. People with low self-esteem are usually disasters.
Hire a staff that believes in you and
your mission
. How passionate is he about working with you?
Hire a staff with a high Productivity
Quotient (PQ)
. What will make your organization to stand the test of time is
the collective PQ of your staff. (For more information on
(PQ) and how it affects your organization, please call +2348064980357,
+2348096001659 or send an email to
will know these things if you conduct a proper interview. The eye contact, the
hesitations in answering questions, and the nudging in your heart are pointers
to a hirable staff. If your conscience does not agree with someone don’t hire
him. That disagreement will soon fester beyond condonation, and you may need to
make another decision – fire him!

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