Discovered: The Enemy of Greatness

greatnessFrom the original design of mankind, greatness is encoded in his DNA. This was meant to be unlocked and maximized through the right relationships. However, since selfishness entered into the human race, man became unwilling to share the glory and rewards. Hence, he has had to tend to go it all alone.

Humans are created for connection, not isolation. The worst enemy of greatness is aloneness. The desire to go it all alone has ensured that many do not come to realize their fullest potentials. Trust me; no matter the level of achievement you have attained alone, you’d have done better if you had a team.

Here are a few teams you should cultivate to maximize your greatness:

1.    A Strategic Team

It was Albert Einstein that said thinking is hard work, and that is why very few people do it. But it can be really encouraging when you have a group of people that you share the same values with, thinking with you over a particular idea or situation. You will enjoy their insight and perspective which will make your idea more robust and foolproof.

2.    A Support Team

It can be very frustrating when you have great ideas and you lack the resources to execute them. You need a support team. They will ensure that what you see in your mind becomes your reality. They may provide you with such resources as human, financial, material, mental etc. However, you must factor in the WIIFM Factor – What’s in it for me? To have a formidable support team, you must be willing to share. 40% of something is better than nothing!

3.    A Spiritual Team

Many things in life are simply paranormal – they lack scientific or intellectual explanations, but they are real. You need the oversight of a somewhat spiritual person who has deeper insight into these issues, lest you become stranded by your own ignorance. And you also need a group of friends you can discuss God with, and encourage one another to hold on to your faith through study and prayer.

4.    A Spousal Team

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said one of the greatest motivations for success is sex. He said when a man is in love with a woman, he would harness that energy and direct it towards the accomplishment of some worthy goals. He called this Sex Transmutation. This may be paranormal, but people who are deeply in mutual love tend to achieve more than those who are not. My advice: Get married!

5.    A Social Team

When the heat of work has risen to some unbearable highs, you need to cool off. You may need to hang out with some friends and chat over common interests that are not directly work-related. These may range from family, politics, fashion, parenting, to sports, hobbies, clubbing etc.

Give careful attention to and be deliberate about your relationships. The enemy of greatness is aloneness.

To your productivity!

Dele Ayo Bankole (DAB)

(Please note: The use of man or his is in the generic sense: for ease of communication and pleasure of reading!)

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