3 Types of Companies You Must Never Work For

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  • June 6, 2013

Empirical research has shown that we spend more than 70% of our waking hours working. It is therefore important that you know where, and especially where not, to put your energy. I offer you three (3) of such places:

1.    A company/employer you do not LIKE.

It all starts and ends here. In the course of my career as a Workplace Strategist, I’ve met quite a number of employees who are working for employers they do not like, in an industry they do not like. Fascinated by the idea of getting a job at all cost, they soon join the “ain’t it awful club!” They may be happy only when their boss/employer is not around. They try as much as they can to avoid their boss. Since it is not exactly what they like, they could only wish they were somewhere else. It is not uncommon to hear them say things like: It is better than staying at home! Such employees do enough to get by, just for the paycheck.

2.    A company you are not PASSIONATE about.

Close to likeness is passion, but they are not exactly the same. You may like a company because it pays more, but you may not be passionate about the same company or industry. For example, I like football and footballers because they entertain me and because they make a lot of money, but I am not passionate about football, because I don’t see myself dedicating the rest of my life to football. In Good to Great, Jim Collins and his research team discovered that the companies that made the transition from being just a good company to a great company have employees and board members that are extremely passionate about the company. They think it, talk it, look it, dress it, act it…. One executive of Fannie Mae, one of the companies studied said: “…Whenever I drive through difficult neighborhoods that are coming back because more families own their homes, I return to work reenergized.” If you don’t go back to work reenergized each day, you may need to reconsider your choice of career or workplace.

3.    A company you do not KNOW.

Working for a company you do not know is like running a business you do not know. Before you send your application to any organization, take your time to find out as much as you can about the organization – the vision, mission, goals, strategy, organogram, board, history etc. And if you can’t before you join, spend your first three months studying the company. If you don’t know where the company is going, you will soon start feeling confused, lost and unfit. It is therefore imperative that you find out as much as possible about the company so that you can chart a meaningful career path for yourself.

To your productivity!

Dele Ayo Bankole (DAB)

Workplace Strategist


Anwo Adetutu
June 6, 2013 Reply

thanx for d insight.its realy inspirational and it came at the right time.Godbless..more grease to your elbow

    Dele Ayo Bankole
    June 10, 2013 Reply

    You’re Welcome. Your personal productivity is our delight. I believe in you!

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