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  • April 17, 2012

is not paper. Money is a measure of value. It is what you get in exchange of
value. It is what you get in exchange for the value you give. The barter
trading system is not strong enough to support man’s rapid expansion;
therefore, a means has to be devised to allow for trading without moving about
heavy goods or products. The
crave and rave for money is a proof that money is value.
If someone has money, we tend to adore them and
accrue them some respects that we ordinarily couldn’t have if the money factor
were not there. And we do this whether or not the money was acquired via
legitimate means and moral standards. Supposing that the money we have, the
valuable we become, we shoot ourselves in the foot. This assumption has been
the cause of all vices and evils in our society today. The reverse is actually
the real thing. The more valuable we become the more money we attract.
are the seven (7) inevitable, irrefutable and irreplaceable laws of money:
The Law of Exactness
The first law in understanding money is the Law of Exactness
– knowing exactly what you want. If you don’t know what you want, how do you
recognize it when you find it. If there are no goalposts in a game of soccer,
how do you know which of the team wins. You must come to a state in your mind
where you know the exact amount of money that you seek to acquire. Ask
yourself: What amount of money do I need to get? When do I need to get it?
                It is
only when you know the exact amount of money that you want and the time you
seek to acquire it that the other laws can be activated and applied.
The Law of Exchange
There is no such thing in life as getting something for
nothing. You must sit and settle with yourself what exactly you would be
willing to give in order to acquire the amount of money you have set for
yourself. The following questions may guide you: What skill, talent or
experience do I have? What product or service can I render? What do people
really need that they would be willing to pay for?
The Law of Explanation
There should be a reason why you seek to acquire such wealth;
nothing else can motivate as such. The reasons people seek wealth could be for
popularity, possessions, pleasure or power. And few for more noble causes like
helping the physically challenged, the orphans, or some life-saving projects.
Whatever your motive, whether glorious or inglorious, you will never really
attract money until the reason becomes strong enough. People change only when
they hurt enough.
The Law of Eagerness
We do not get money simply we think we deserve it; we get
money because we demand it. Your desire is your demand on your share of money
and other wealth that nature carries in her womb. Desire compels and constrains
you to do what is necessary to acquire the wealth that you seek. It fills you with
such energy and enthusiasm that you just can’t be contained nor constrained by
circumstances. Desire fuels you with determination, discipline and drive.
The Law of Expression
Write down clearly the amount of money you want, the time you
want to acquire it, and what you are willing to give to acquire it. Make this
into a statement. For example: “I have 100 million dollars by the 25th of
December, 2020, by creating, developing and selling products and services that
are helping people and organizations to be more effective and productive. ”
read it aloud to yourself twice daily, especially in the morning and evening,
just before going to bed. This would make it register in your subconscious
mind. And never utter statements from your mouth that negates and dilutes this
statement. Your confession determines your actual possession.
The Law of Environment
Neither knowing what you want nor confessing it is enough,
you must also create an enabling environment for you to be able to attain it.
Your environment either elevates or crushes you. To create a right environment,
watch your association. Where are they going – poverty or prosperity? Your
association is a prophet of your destination. Who you accompany determines what
you accomplish. If your association is not helping you, help yourself by
changing it.
way to create a right environment is by imagining the kind of life you would
live when you acquire that wealth. Then paste pictures of those things
everywhere around you. They create a vivid mental picture in your subconscious
mind. Celebrate your future and not elevate your past.
The Law of Execution
A Chinese proverb says: ‘Talk does not cook rice.’ No matter
how lofty your ideas may be, they would amount to nothing unless backed up with
appropriate actions in an attitude of faith. People win patents not for their
intentions but their inventions. Roll up your sleeves, put on your overalls,
and get down to work – no matter how daring or unpopular it seems. Action is
your only guarantee for wealth accumulation.
increase in wealth, you must first increase your capacity to attract it.
Quick-fixes will only make life meaningless and miserable for you and those
around you. Learn the laws, live them and you will be on your way to true
financial freedom. Laws are fundamental and universal. We cannot break the law;
we can only break ourselves against the law.

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