9 Things Every Employee Must Know about their Employer

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  • November 16, 2012

The Boss' DoorA few weeks ago, I published an article on What Every Employer Should Know about Employees. This is coming as a follow up, especially to the feedbacks received. If you have not read that, please go and read it now.

Let’s now see nine things every employee must know about their employer.

  1. He is in business for profit. Even if it is an NGO, the goal for doing anything is to make profit. If your input is not helping your employer to make profits, your relationship with him may be affected. And you may be forced to bow out of the organization.
  2. He cannot go back to paid employment. He has burnt the bridge behind him. All he wants is to build an empire that would enable him to provide jobs for others, and good quality service to those in need of his services and/or products.
  3. He has paid his dues. Before he attained the current status of employing people, he must have made a lot sacrifice. Coming to a point where he can now employ you means his coast is enlarging. He expects you to see this, and do everything within your capacity to help build his business empire. He expects you to see this; otherwise, he may get frustrated at you. See Signs of a Frustrated Employer
  4. He has bills to pay. If you an employee reading this, there is every likelihood that you are reading it from your office – your place of work. It takes quite some money to put that office together and to keep it running. Your employer, like you, may also have some dependants to take care of. All these and many more occupy his thoughts for the most hours of the day.
  5. He does not want to go bankrupt. You may never know if your organization is running on debt except you are in the accounts office. Like every other human, your employer wants to get out of debt as quick as possible, and keep his cash flow steadily increasing. The question is if you quantify your contributions now, how much do you think you have contributed in helping him achieve this goal?
  6. He seeks a good reputation. There may be quite a handful of persons – stakeholders – that have contributed in helping the business to the present status it has now attained. Your employer seeks a good reputation before all the stakeholders as competent in running a thriving a business and that is why he employed you because he cannot possibly achieve this vision all alone. Your productivity as an employee will determine a great deal how he would attain and sustain this reputation.
  7. He desires to be seen as an Icon of Success. Every employer wants others to see them as successful in their chosen line of business. They want to hit the Fortune 500 List. They want to live the kind of life they have always imagined; the very reason (in most cases) why they went all out to starting a business. For some, success may mean being buoyant enough to help those who are desperately in need. For example, there was a flood disaster in some parts of my country (Nigeria) and one man – Aliko Dangote – donated N2.5 billion naira. To be a part of the donation, please visit https://nigeriafloodrelief.org/donate/.
  8. He desires to hit the top of customers’ preference list. Have you ever wondered that when people want to buy some products in the market, they refer to a particular brand? In my country, the leading brand in seasoning is Maggi. So, it is not hard for people to engage in a conversation that seems like this when they want to buy seasoning:

                             Buyer:  Please do you have Maggi?

                             Seller:   Which type?

                             Buyer:  Ajinomoto! (Another brand)

Every employer also wants their brand to have such market recognition. Are you working at this as an employee?

       9. He desires to retire early. In reality, many people don’t want to work forever. They seek to attain a status such that even if     they don’t go to work, their income keeps rolling in, and their lifestyle is not affected in anyway. Help to make your employer retire early, you might just be his MD or CEO!

While some may try to evade some of these points, they are written in their unconscious mind anyway. For one-on-one coaching to boost the productivity of your staff team, please free to send me a mail at ayobankole@soarafrica.com, or call my personal mobile +2348096001659.

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Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.

To your productivity,

D. A. B.




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