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  • May 20, 2013

Dogs are a very wonderful breed of animals that so much can be learnt from them. When they are puppies, they are docile and friendly. This gives them the avenue to get used to the owner and other people in the house. As they grow older, however, they tend to begin to grow weird. They have to be chained during the day so that they will not hurt visitors. When they see or notice someone pass by, they may begin to bark and pull hard on the chain, as if to tell the person: “If not for this chain, I would have devoured you right now! How I wish I had an opportunity to show you how important I am!”

Interestingly, I see a lot of workers play out this same attitude. They pretend to be docile to their employer and senior colleagues, but hostile to clients. When someone comes into the company premises and, from their judgment, does not greet them well, they tend to become hostile and uncooperative. This is especially true of most semi-skilled workers, customer care officers, and frustrated employees. They seem to be telling the person: “It is condition that makes the crayfish permanently bent. I am equally as good as you are, and even better if not for…

All humans at one point or another have their frustrations too. But a sign of maturity is your ability to go about your day and carry out your responsibilities with as much professionalism as possible. It is wrong to bring personal frustrations, grieves and hurts to the workplace. I could remember calling the customer care of a phone operator in my country sometimes last month; the lady on the receiving end was sounding like one who just suffered a reprimand or a heart attack. I had barely asked for the information I wanted before she dropped the phone. (I was going to ask the problem with her!). She was terribly harsh on the phone.

You should always know that your real employer is not the one who issues your pay slip, but the person who came to drop money to transact with your company. If you disappoint one customer, it may prevent several others from showing up. If they don’t show up consistently, your company will not be in business, and you may be the first person to be let go.

Cheer up! Relish every of your waking hours! Be excited, energetic and enthusiastic! Be creative in attending to your clients. Let them know you are happy to see them.

To your productivity!

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Sokale B. O
May 20, 2013 Reply

I like this note. Most especially, the second to the last paragraph really made more sense to me.
Great job Sir DAB.

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