Don’t take it, if you can’t give it

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  • August 15, 2013

It is all an employers’ world! We now live at a point in human history when the demand for job is far ahead than the market can supply. The governments of many nations are not providing an encouraging environment for their people to venture into businesses. For example, in my home country, there is erratic supply of power (almost all businesses run on power generating sets), the banks issue loans in two digits (and definitely not to start up businesses), and the tax system is crazy. Worse still, the political office holders are so greedy – considering the struggles they also had to endure before they could eventually secure a seat of “money-making” power. This has made many investors into the country rode mercilessly on the people.

Investors come into the country, definitely not to develop the country, but to exploit the country. What do I mean? These guys give some crazy sums of money to our political leaders and public office holders (A bribe seals the mouth!), and they take crazy advantage of the sorry situation in the country. They don’t care about the welfare of their workers, and they pay them a stipend, to be ‘Just Over Broke’ – so they can have food to eat and to transport themselves to work the following month.

Then they employ consultants to come and train their employees on how to have the RIGHT ATTITUDE to work. And I must confess I also teach some of this attitude stuff.

But taking out time to look at the package handed down by these ‘employers’, I’m beginning to take a deeper thought and approach to my work as a consultant and trainer. I know the business owner pays my money, but let’s look at it holistically: Can someone truly have a RIGHT ATTITUDE when he works continuously in a WRONG ATMOSPHERE? Shouldn’t we be realistic that everyone has a threshold beyond which their capacity to endure tyranny cannot contain? Why should we keep treating others like sub-humans simply because we tend to be better favoured than them?

If you are an employer or superior reading this article, do not give to others what you cannot take yourself. Things happen; times change. The person you oppress today may have a vantage position tomorrow. And if you are an employee, stealthily and tactically ask for your right. Your job is at stake – that’s given. But you will kill every ounce of esteem and energy to face the future with confidence if you don’t know how to ask for what rightly belongs to you. in the name of ‘occupational risks’, many lives have been lost due to greed and negligence on the part of the employers and national leaders; coupled with the timidity or ignorance of the employee in asking for what belongs to him.

If we must experience any meaningful and sustainable changes in our workplaces, then we must take only what we can give, and give only what we can take. A RIGHT ATMOSPHERE is the only guarantee of a consistent RIGHT ATTITUDE.

To your satisfaction!

Dele Ayo Bankole (DAB)

Workplace Strategist

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