Eating May Not Be Healthy

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  • October 28, 2013

When Eating Becomes Dangerous

Food is an essential commodity. An organism that doesn’t eat will surely die. Therefore, God created us to eat – thriving on what others have ‘prepared’.

Now, it is not only food that people prepare. The nurses and doctors that delivered you were prepared before you came. In other words, they were ‘cooked’. So also were the drugs, vaccines, clothing, the car that moved your mother about, the house in which you were born, the school that you attended and the teachers that taught you…

In reality, you were created an ‘eater’.

Now that’s fine. But the challenge God has is that many people are just content being that way. They want to keep ‘eating’ and getting from others, without finding out what they are good at ‘cooking’ themselves, and going to the ‘kitchen’ of life to actually prepare their own food, so that others also can feed from them.

God provides seed for the farmer and bread to eat. This means that if the farmer doesn’t sow and cultivate his seed, there will be no bread for him and others to eat.

Here is my charge to you: Don’t remain and die an eater. Find your unique ‘seeds’ and cultivate them. Remember, you can stand under the shades of a tree today because someone planted it 20 years ago. You can be proud of that company today because someone started it many years ago.

Sow that talent. Sow that idea. Sow that business.

I believe in you!

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