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  • September 18, 2012


People choose different jobs or careers for diverse reasons; some for security reasons and a few for some sound reasons. Depending on the reason why you choose your job, jobs can be typified into five (5) broad categories. These are:


1.    Dream job

This is predetermined. It is birthed as a result of a careful analysis of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, a burning desire to make a difference in the world doing what you feel called to do. If you are a music person, you probably want to work in an entertainment industry. If you are a very analytical person, you are likely going to love a consulting firm, work as an accountant, or work in the strategic department of any forward-looking and forward-acting organization.

2.    Fantasized job

This is a job that one wants to do merely because of the fringe benefits tied to the job. People who eventually get this job lose the sense of work after a period of time, especially if the benefits are removed or are not as exactly as they think. Before the massive downsizing in the banking industry, the fantasy of an average Nigerian graduate is the banking hall. But the attention seems to have shifted to the oil industry because they believe there is so much money in there. This is simply fantasy. There is money everywhere.

3.    Any job

This is the unfortunate thing with most school leavers in this generation – all over the world. People just want something to keep them busy. So, they pick on anything that first shows up, as it were. A few persons have had their dreams modified or redefined as a result of this. But for the majority of the workforce, they keep whining day-in-day-out, if only they could lay hold of that ‘dream or fantasized job’. This is the main reason many people never get to realize their potentials or optimize their productivity. If you find yourself here, you have only option out of two: you either choose to love your job or sign out to find a job that you love. But you may need to be careful; you may work part time on the job that you think you love, while working yourself gradually of your present job. I’ve met quite a number of persons who felt there was a particular job type they loved only to begin and discover they’ve only been fantasizing.

4.    Illusory job

This is a job type that people experience when they get a job that appears attractive in the beginning. The employer so packages the job that it looks stupid to let go of it. Especially if the employer has a great name to back it up. But on resumption, terms begin to change, wages are not paid promptly, salary is cut or fringe benefits removed. Have you ever had this kind of job before? A popular airline business in Nigeria operated this way till the company folded up very recently. It looks attractive on the outside, but on the inside it is actually a mausoleum, filled with rotting bones – all forms of corruptions and shoddiness.

5.    Misinformed job

This is the kind of job people get when they choose a job because they see someone doing well on the job. You see everyone today desiring a job in ICT because they believe there is money in IT. Only for them to get in and realize this is not exactly what they want. They see a lacuna between where they are and where they really want to be. You shouldn’t go for a job out of envy. It is dangerous to build your life on envy. Build it on conscience – what exactly do you sense in your deepest heart that you truly want to become?


Word of Caution:

It is true from popular opinion – at least as it seems – that it is not easy to get money. But I can’t disagree less. I think our greatest challenge is in our inability to seek, comprehend and embrace the Laws of Process. There seems to be an innate desire in mankind to outwit or outshine or oppress others. The undue craving to make others think, “Well, he is not doing bad!” Your success is not based necessarily on the physical things that you have amassed over time, nor is it based on people’s approval or commendation of you. True success comes when we are able to build a structure that can last the test of time – howbeit so slow. It is better to be slow, steady and sure, than to be hasty, haphazard and hesitant.

 To be productive on a sustainable basis, you must choose to work and act in line with your dreams. Sustainable Productivity comes as a result of finding what works for you and working at it patiently, persistently and progressively. It is choosing to do a little better than you did the last time. It is consciously and deliberately becoming better than your last attempt. And make the next job an improvement of the last. Check out what works and what doesn’t. Why does it work and why does it not work? What one thing can I do extra to make things better?

 Whenever you stop learning, you are old; whether you are 20 or 80. And I must add quickly, when you stop getting better. Therefore, the question to ask on your job is not how much am I earning? But what am I becoming in the process? You can be sure of one thing, if your job does not make you by bringing out the best in you, no matter how much you earn, it’d eventually mar you by making you unproductive and irrelevant over time.


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Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.


To your productivity,


D. A. B.




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Word….this os a brilliant piece.God bless u bro for the insight.Infact I jst wrote something that goes in this line,…Its certain its a word for the season,wish and pray a lot of young guys wld get to see this

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