How Service Affects Development

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  • December 6, 2013

The Power of Service

Service is the use of our resources (abilities, skills, time, network, etc.) in helping others to achieve their goals. Usually, this could be for a fee or for free.

Service is an integral part of the human system; and it begins from the family. Service makes us to consider the well-being of others as our responsibility. It forces us to place a demand on our capacities, to outdo ourselves, to meet the needs of others, whatever it takes. There can be no real advancement in any society except the people are driven the desire for mutual service. This is the reason why some countries are developed, and others are underdeveloped. I think one of the indices for development should be quality of service.

When you are deeply motivated by service, your mind is stirred to look for solutions where there are none. You become inspired and gain insight into higher dimensions of thought.

As you prepare for 2014, I challenge you to make good quality service one of your goals.

You are the change.

I believe in you!

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