How to be Encouraged

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  • October 23, 2012

Be not afraid!

Be not afraid of ISOLATION;

Be not afraid of LONELINESS;

It is the path that leads to GREATNESS.

Be not afraid of MOCKERY;
It is a sign you are still in the MAKING.

Be not afraid of TRYING;
You’d be better off than WISHING and WHINING.

Be not afraid of REJECTION;
It’s a feedback to do a better PROPOSITION.

Be not afraid of FAILING;
You’d still be a better teacher than mere SPECULATING.

Be not afraid if against you the door others SLAM;
They’d come trooping out when they hear you’ve won the GRAND SLAM.

Be not afraid when you others MISUNDERSTAND;
They’d surely join the cheering fans with you in the centre of the GRANDSTAND.

Your present CONDITION is no CONCLUSION of your future DESTINATION.

A small BEGINNING usually precedes a large ENDING.

You may be SLOW, but I’m certain you’d GROW.

The race a dog runs for 20 years is only a stroll for a horse. Others may seem to have run ahead of you, while you appear sleeping. I believe that when eventually you’re fully in the race, they’d all queue behind you for race coaching.

Wherever you may stand now in the race of life is never your final. Be not afraid of what people say or think about you. Be not afraid of looking stupid. Keep your eyes on your goal and keep taking your steps, one at a time, as the path unfolds.

You are a SUPER STAR!

I believe in you!


1 Comment
ukachukwu luke [pastor]
October 27, 2012 Reply

I have just been linked in ur the first web I visited. I have been encouraged.

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