How to Handle a Difficult Boss

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  • November 30, 2012

difficult-bossIn reality, nobody is difficult. We just have one thing or another that makes us different. The following tips will guide you to rediscovering and maximizing your relationship with your boss, howbeit so difficult she seems.

  1. Connect with her. Take out time to find out what makes her happy; why she behaves the way she behaves; what constitutes meaning to her; her temperament and especially her Productivity Quotient. If you don’t understand her, you may never have a good standing with her.
  2. Consider her. Never be rude to your boss. This may be the real reason why she’s been trying to be difficult. She doesn’t want to be taken for granted, and she may only be using her toughness as a shield. Be courteous and cautious while relating with her, and with time, you’d be able to melt her protective sheaths.
  3. Cooperate with her. Don’t argue with her. This doesn’t mean you should be a yes-man, but don’t get to the point where you’d have to raise your voice on your boss. Be assertive, and at the same time, be sensitive. Make your mind known without hurting her ego, and if she insists though her demand is outrightly inconvenient or impossible for you to meet, lead her to a point of compromise. Offer a suggestion that would be a little more comfortable for you both. This is called the win-win approach.
  4. Check yourself. Don’t try to be or to appear smarter than your boss; adjust yourself to meet her need. This does not mean that you don’t value your own personality, but often times we need to bend so that we can achieve a better and common end.
  5. Complement her. Find out her weaknesses and cover up for her. She may not appreciate you nor acknowledge your effort, but you can be sure that she’d take note of it. If you are consistent, she’d make moves to show her appreciation, even though her deflated ego may not allow her to open her mouth to say ‘Thank you!’
  6. Compliment her. Observe changes in her hairdo, clothing style, make up, perfume, etc. Just say something to make her know that you notice her. “Nice perf!

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