Imagination: The Boundary for Productivity

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  • September 19, 2012

Imagination is the mental organization of thoughts, ideas and information into a form that can be used in meeting real needs, solving present problems and preparing an individual or institution for future challenges. Your imaginative ability is directly correlated to your productivity (Hope you did some stats in college!). This is because productivity, like every other object, is created twice. Productivity is first within, then without. Click here to learn more on productivity

A seed must have the capacity to be productive before it can actually give the fruits that serve as products for the planter and food for the eater. An employee must have the capacity to be productive before s/he can be productive. However, there is something more than capacity for productivity, it is imagination.

Your capacity determines your potential to do something; imagination determines to what extent you can do it. For example, you may have the natural talent of an athlete – that is capacity. What will determine if you’d ever win a gold medal in the Olympics is your imagination (ask the gold medalists!). You may be a great salesperson with excellent persuasive skills – that’s capacity and that was what earned you the job. But what will determine if you’d ever meet and beat your sales target is your imagination. You may possess excellent managerial skills – that is capacity. But what determines if you’d ever become the CEO of your organization is your imagination.

Organizations are filled with a lot of employees with enormous potentials but never climb the career ladder. Frustrated! They quit looking for ‘greener pastures’. Click here to find out people’s perceptions about jobs or different types of jobs. On the last day at the training school, the CEO of an organization asked one of his newly recruited staff who he was. He riposted assertively and affirmatively, ‘I am a CEO-in-Training!’ In a couple of years, he truly became the CEO.

Due to enormous work demands, pressures of deadlines, stress of commuting to and from work, challenges in the home front and societal expectations (let the reader understand!), very few persons squeeze out time for the sole purpose of imagineering the future, especially if you live in a city like Lagos, Nigeria. You leave home 5:30am only to return 10:00pm thereabout. And sadly too, very few organizations are organized enough to allow their employees to take leaves; except, of course, when they are sick (and when they have a party!). Many employees too thinking they are smart would prefer to convert their leave to cash. What these employees refuse to realize is the fact that when your productivity is low, your boss would simply serve you a memo while scanning the wilds for your replacement.

It is important that you create time, not just to think, but to imagine. Thoughts exist in different forms and degrees. The highest degree is imagination. And let me close this edition with the words of Albert Einstein: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

How can you develop your imaginative faculties? How can you harness and maximize the powers and wonders of imagination? What are the benefits of living in the realms of imagination? How can you live comfortably and continuously in the realms of imagination?

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To your productivity,

D. A. B.



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olukokun adedeji
September 20, 2012 Reply

Lovely piece.refrshing and nourishing as always.Thanks sir for the word

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