Make the Right Comparison

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  • October 22, 2013

There is an unfortunate cast system into which we all are born: it is the Shape-Up-Or-Ship-Out system. This system makes us see life as a competition. And this has been buttressed by many theories like the theory of natural selection which says that life favours only the fittest.

Right from pre-school, the pupils with a high ‘IQ’ are given more attention and preferential treatments at the expense of others. And this makes the ‘average’ students to naturally dislike the ‘good’ ones. They wish some evil happens to them so they can become the ‘centre of attraction’. This even continues into adulthood as people are seen to just want to be ahead of others. This has got so bad that even a mini power generating set is named I-better-pass-my-neighbor.

Competition has its own benefits, as its the main drive for innovation and civilization. The challenge with it, however, is when it is aimed at other humans. While it may give you a sense of superiority, in reality, it sets you up for mediocrity and frustration.

When you look around you and you seem to be the best, you want to walk tall, with your shoulders raised. You may even tell yourself, “I’m not that bad!” But if you are sincere with yourself, in comparison with your potentials, is this all that you can be? You’re married with kids, you have cars, a house, a business or job that provides for your family – thank God for your life. But is that all there is to life?

I challenge you this day to take a careful audit of your abilities, attributes, assignment, and your actions and achievements. Is this all that your life can produce? Is this all there is to you?

Therefore, make the right comparisons. Judge yourself not in comparison with what others have, but in comparison with what you can be, do and have.

You are more than this.

I believe in you!

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