Red Alert: Occultism in the Workplace

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  • December 14, 2012

Occults in a meeting

“Could this really be true?” “How many people would have had such (or similar) experiences in their places of work?” “Are people still being inconsiderate and devilish in their dealings with others in today’s world?” “When are we going to break out of self-centeredness and wickedness?”

These and many more questions raced through my mind as I sat in this navy-blue-coloured Toyota RAV4 while Mr. Francis drove me to the park.

I had just finished a talk with some teenagers and young adults. It was such a great moment for me as I took the people on a journey in Love and Relationships. I could remember laying so much emphasis on the fact that no one can love you more than you love yourself. True love starts with self-love. The Great Teacher encouraged us to “Love your neighbour as yourself.” We were sharing more experiences and instances on loving yourself and adding value to yourself so you can be more loving and lovable by others. And being a productivity coach, I switched over to the workplace.

Just then Mr. Francis (not real name!) told me of his boss. This man has been with the organization for more than twenty years, and his highest qualification is HND. So he feels threatened whenever a new employee comes on board with a better qualification, and does everything possible to frustrate such out of work. Mr. Francis had a BSc. And that made him an enemy of his boss from his very first day at work. He’d greet his boss, and get no response. And in some instances deliberately shout at the top of his voice to get his attention. Alas! The results were always the same.

A few months after he resumed work, he started feeling strange movements all over his body. And that season, his boss started asking him: “Are you ok?” he was surprised that the same person who doesn’t reply to his pleasantries was now asking him if he was OK  At other times, it would be intense heat; strange cold; bizarre feelings…. The day he got the shock of his life was the day he was in a hot argument with his boss, to which he gave him a stern warning:

“You better be careful. Remember that you are occupying this position because the person there before you died.”

He couldn’t fathom this statement. No one could understand nor explain how this other guy died. All the other guys in the department that were loyal to this boss are either ND or HND holders. They would brag behind him, but when they appear before him, they become sober. No one amongst them dare questions his ideas, no matter how absurd.

Could this be true? If it is, whose fault is it that this boss had been on a job for twenty years without improving himself? If he loves himself, shouldn’t he have at least got one professional qualification? How many employees have become victims of such power brokers? How many are living and working day-in-day-out with dread of their boss’ sinister schemes? How many more people would become victims?

Have you ever heard of, or had such experiences before? Can you kindly share so others can learn from your experience?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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To your productivity. (More stories on this available soon!)

Dele Ayo Bankole

sunday joy
December 14, 2012 Reply

D adds on tiny belly:how can one get d products

    Dele Ayo Bankole
    December 18, 2012 Reply

    Sunday Joy, that is an external link. Please get the info from the site. thanks.

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