“As a cell is to the body, so is a family to any nation. Healthy families make healthy nations.” DELE AYO BANKOLE

There comes that moment in our lives when the need for an intimate relationship tops our priority list. At such times, we tend to be constantly in between the extremes of fear and faith. Fear, because we have seen and heard of the many challenges that come with marriage, and we are uncertain of how ours too will turn out. Faith, because of the thrill of sharing our lives with someone and the amazing experiences we hope to come our way. But, like other aspects of life, success in marriage is predictable if you know what to look out for.

At High Impact Family Centre, we will work with you (single or married), running you through some professional assessments, analyzing the results, and giving you an expert report as an outcome. Then, we will recommend solutions suited to your needs.

Some of the assessments we run our clients through include:

  • The Backstory TM
    Who we are today is a product of where we have been, who we have met, places we have lived, and especially the significant experiences in our lives. This assessment helps to highlight those relationships, exposures and experiences we have had, and especially how they impact the person we have become as reflected in our thought process and actions.

  • Affinity Quotient TM
    Everyone has the capacity to love, but our expressions of love differ in variation and intensity; and this is way beyond love language. This could be as a result of our The Backstory TM or just some other happenings subtly disrupting our capacity to accept and give love. This assessment will show you where you are in your Love Journey. Hence, you can be guided on how to grow in your love walk – both to receive and give love again.

  • Marital Satisfaction Quotient TM
    As humans, we all seek to derive the maximum benefits and a deep sense of satisfaction from all our endeavors. Without this assurance, we feel used, worthless, detached and dispassionate. This state of mind can be inimical to the success of your marriage. This assessment helps to know your present level of satisfaction using psychometric relationship checkups. After which the right kind of therapy may be recommended to put you back on a path of marital bliss.

  • Life Genre TM
    Life is a movie. If your entire experiences in life were to be scripted and acted, what kind of genre do you suppose it will be? Guess what? This assessment will surprise you. It will open you up to the scripts you having been acting hitherto. Then with our Life Script Writing and Acting Program, LifeSWAPTM, you can begin to act your own scripts, and be conscious in choosing the roles you play in life and the outcomes you get.

  • Me-Wired TM
    We all are different in the way we think, interpret events, and our default responses to happenings around us. You will be a better person – friend, lover, spouse, parent, etc. – when you become aware of these differences. Then you can empathize better with others, helping to channel their energies and emotions in productive activities, while also being able to bear with their excesses.

You can take any of these assessments as a standalone solution. However, to maximize the results, it is advisable to take it as a bouquet.

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