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  • October 24, 2013

Yesterday’s or Tomorrow’s Customer?

Back to our discussion on posterity organizations. One common trait in the leadership is Innovation. They ensure they are always abreast of developments in the market. They keep going a step ahead, outdoing themselves to remain on top of their game. They organize themselves to meet the needs of today’s customers, while repositioning themselves to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers.

Yesterday’s customer (YC) loves to come to your office; tomorrow’s customer (TC) prefers you coming to their office. YC are low in choices; TC loves varieties. YC loves certificates; TC prefers capacity. YC are happy being on the move; TC are more satisfied being on the go. YC is ok with ‘hards’; TC prefers it being ‘soft’. YC is suppressive and submissive;  TC is expressive and exploratory. YC wants to serve; TC wants to be served. YC doesnot mind waiting; TC wants it immediately. YC loves and thrives in community; TC loves independence and individuality.

In recognizing these changing times, Paul Tissot, an ex-director of the Tissot Company (branch of Swatch Group) said: “We need to make serious effort to reorganize, to bring in new ideas more attuned to the new situation.”

Posterity organizations are also keen on innovation. You must keep getting better or you prepare to go under. And like Paul M. Romer said, “Every generation has underestimated the potential for finding new ideas…Possibilities do not add up. They multiply.”

Multiply your possibilities by constant innovation and renovation.

I believe in you!

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