Signs of a Frustrated Company

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  • October 17, 2012


  1. The staffs are generally lackadaisical about their work. When the organization is frustrated, it can be traceable to the fact that the employees are also frustrated. And one prominent character of a frustrated employee is nonchalance. See Signs of a Frustrated Employee.
  2. Creativity of staff is generally low. With low commitment to work also comes low creativity. We only improve in things that we are wholeheartedly committed to.
  3. There are usually no clear and agreed goals in view. Many organizations don’t have clear, concise and communicated goals that drive the organization. Everyone just seems to resume work day-in-day-out content with their job description. But what makes a prosperous organization is not just the JD’s but the corporate goal that energizes each member of staff to do one thing more than normally expected each day. Since the boss himself is frustrated, he can’t do what is necessary to drive the organization. See Signs of a Frustrated Employer/Boss.
  4. Communication is stiff, close or forced. When frustration is in the air, people don’t feel comfortable enough to communicate openly and fairly with one another. There is lack of trust, lack of purpose, and a general low level of passion and motivation. 
  5. The customers are generally frustrated. When there is no cohesion amongst the staff, it sneaks to the customers too. They’d soon feel the stiffness and lack of cooperation in the air. Some staff members are likely going to complain to them about how unfair the organization has been to them. See Signs of a Frustrated Customer. 
  6. Patronage drops. When complaints from staff intensify, the customers generally become tired of hearing them. They’d believe that an organization that cannot be loyal to her staff doesn’t deserve their loyalty either. 
  7. Profits plateau and begin to drop. With a drop in patronage, profits plateau and soon begin to drop. If this situation is not arrested as soon as possible, the organization may soon liquidate.

 For a background on how this begins, read the article Work and the Cycle of Frustration.

Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.

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