Signs of A Frustrated Customer

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  • October 17, 2012


  1. They shout. Some will shout on you, and even insult you, either for wasting their time, their money, or any resource depending on the nature of the product or service you offer. They would do this whether they call on phone or they visit your premises. See also Signs of a frustrated employee.
  2. They withdraw their patronage and try out the competition.When your customers are frustrated, you’d literally lose their loyalty. Nobody wants to remain in a place where they seem not to be valued, or not getting the value that they believe they worth or deserve.
  3. They complain each time they come within the company premises. Some may try to keep the loyalty, possibly because they’ve not discovered another place. Or they may simply be attached to you that they think leaving out rightly would not solve the problem either. But because they love, they would complain so that you can change. When it’s coming from quarters least unexpected, especially long-standing clients, it’s time to step up your services.
  4. They spread the news of the bad service/experience to as many who cares to listen. I once saw a book with a caption in a bookstore. It reads: “A frustrated customer tells 300. A satisfied customer tells 3.” Bad news spread like cancer, open the CNN now to confirm this. Look at the newspaper in your desk and check the headline. They would normally want to take revenge or prevent their loved ones from having the same encounter.
  5. They try as much as they can to dissuade other people in their network from patronizing you. Frustration cannot be hidden for too long. Like steam that hisses through a boiling kettle, it would slip through the frame of their character as they interact with you. Just a mention of the organization would stir up a reaction in them. However, this may be the customer’s attitude. But if it’s becoming the attitude of every customer, check it.
  6. They may take a legal action against you. Depending on the severity of the dissatisfaction, some clients sue their service providers to court. See Signs of a frustrated company.
  7. They may become your competitor. In a few cases, your lapses could be an opportunity for them to go into the same line of business, with a better and improved service. For example, calling MTN Nigeria Customer Care line was not free until ECONET came with a free customer care line. This could have been initiated by a dissatisfied customer who feels there was extortion on the part of MTN.

For a background on how this begins, read the article Work and the Cycle of Frustration.

Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.

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