Signs of a Frustrated Employer/Boss

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  • October 17, 2012


  1. He uses coercion to get job done, instead of open understanding communication. Where there is frustration, communication is also stiff. And when any of the parties, especially the leader, is not bold or creative enough in confronting and addressing the situation, they hide behind their positions to get things done. They yell out orders at subordinates; and can’t wait for the day to be over so he could excuse himself from the frustration heaped up all around him.
  2. He is generally afraid of losing his job or going bankrupt. Where there is frustration, there is absence of cooperation. And since there is no cohesion, the boss is afraid the employees may not do their job, or if he is the boss, that the origination may go bankrupt.
  3. He hardly listens to others. Where communication is poor, cooperation is also lacking. The boss usually does not want to listen to anyone else. Only what he has to say matters. He doesn’t even care what his subordinates have to say over any matter. His point alone is valid. As far as he is concerned, they either shape up or ship out!
  4. Some could get physically brutal. I once worked in an organization where the MD beats up her staff. She threatens to arrest them whenever they put up a defence against her – which she did twice in the course of my stay there.
  5. He openly criticizes his staff. Since communication is stiff, such boss would shout at his subordinates everywhere in the organization’s premises. He could even curse them and insult them. See Signs of a frustrated Employee.
  6. He hardly sees the efforts of others in driving the organization forward. To a frustrated boss, nothing is done right. No matter how much effort the subordinates put into making things work, he hardly notices them. Since he is set on criticism, he’d scarcely see the good in them. In reality, we find only what we are looking for. And hardly will be aware that the entire organization is frustrated.

For a background on how this begins, read the article Work and the Cycle of Frustration.

Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.

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