Signs of a Frustrated Employee

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  • October 17, 2012


  1. He cannot see the link between the organization and his future. Almost every human has a picture of what he considers as his ideal future. When what he is doing right now does not seem to connect with that future, he begins to feel dissatisfied with his present position. If this feeling of dissatisfaction continues for long, expressions of frustration would be inevitable.
  2. He does not trust his superior/employer. Trust is everything in leadership. This could be as revealed in the leader’s capacity, competence and especially, character. Where there is no trust, the employee wishes to get another supervisor, or simply be made the boss over this incompetent guy he calls a boss. See Signs of a Frustrated Employer/Boss.
  3. He often complains about his work and wishes he were doing some other things. With disconnection also comes discontent. And when discontent matures, it reveals itself in frequent complaints. It’s either the organization is bad, or the boss is inconsiderate, or the colleagues are unfriendly.
  4. He cannot find any sense of satisfaction from his job beyond the pay. When the only thing an employee gets on the job is the pay, frustration is not far-fetched. This is especially true when he notices friends in competitor organizations having a lot benefits coming with their job. He begins to ask a question: so what am I getting from here other than my pay?
  5. He is generally aggressive. Frustration cannot be concealed for too long. As it matures, it begins to find expression in aggressiveness and intolerance – towards colleagues, superiors and customers.
  6. Absenteeism and lateness. Frustrated employees are never excited about the idea of resuming at work. Except for the pay which is necessary for their survival, they would prefer to stay at home or do something that they really want to do. They could also be attending interviews in other organizations which they think looks like their ideal job and future. Read the article on Finding the Ideal Job.
  7. Failures in meeting deadlines; lateness in job delivery. With dissatisfaction is an obvious lack of motivation for work. And without motivation, you’d never have the enthusiasm needed to pursue any task, and get it done promptly with the whatever-it-takes mentality.
  8. Always complaining about the salary. Most employees believe that their salaries are not enough to pay their bills. So each time they come to work, they wish they are earning more than they presently do. But because of their attitude, they lack the energy to do what is necessary to earn the kind of income that they wish. What they don’t know is that to earn more, you must learn more and do more.
  9. Mostly uncooperative; often found lonely. When employees are frustrated, they often want to be alone. They try to get others to become as critical as they are. But when this seems difficult, they feel everyone is against them. They would rather be alone than associate themselves with ‘traitors’.

For a background on how this begins, read the article Work and the Cycle of Frustration.

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