Surviving across Generations

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  • October 23, 2013


“How does a brand survive across the generations?”

This was the curious question that drove me last weekend to devouring a book of over 300 pages in one day. It was a publication of the Swatch Group when they marked their 150th anniversary in 2003.

I am yet to see an African-founded organization that has lasted more than 100 years. We see cycles of prosperity, the founder dies, and in a couple of years, the organization dies, or moribund.

One quality I’ve found that resonates in the hearts of the directors of these ‘posterity’ organizations is LOVE- deep-seated love for what they do and the people they serve. Nicolas G. Hayek, President/CEO, has this to say:

“The Swatch Group has a very emotional culture. We produce beauty, sensuality, emotionality in watches – and we also produce high-tech on your wrists. Both emotionality or poetry and high-tech, are part of what we feel towards our customers. We love them genuinely. We want them to be happy – we want YOU to be happy!”

You can’t build a posterity organization or lifestyle if all you’re concerned about are ‘the Benjamins’. You must have genuine love for your work, and especially the people you serve and the people that serve you. This love will drive you to continually seek creative and innovative ways by which you can serve your people better.

If you have love, your people will be loyal to you. And when you’re gone, they will preserve the culture you created. And it is this culture that becomes passed down from generation to generation.

Love is the pathway from prosperity to posterity.

Love your work. Love your workers. Love your customers.

I believe in you!

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