The 180 Degree Worker – Unconventional Strategies for Optimizing Your Career

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  • January 7, 2013

inverseThe Worker is the most important asset to any nation or economy. The only means by which we can give to others while getting the best of ourselves is through work. From the ancient, it is very clear that humans are created to work. When there seems to be nothing to do, people begin to feel depressed, frustrated and helpless. They feel incapacitated because in a way, they can’t seem to meet their basic needs.

But more frustrating than not working is to be engaged in a work that does not place a demand on your potentials and bring out the best in you. Close to this is to find yourself somewhat trapped in between the career ladder. You seem not to be going up, and then other people in similar organizations seem to be progressing, thus leaving you behind.

There must be a way out – THE 1800 WORKER.

It is important for you to understand the strategies that non-conformists are adopting in finding their way up the career ladder despite the limitations of their organization or challenges of their industry.

Who is The 1800 Worker?

What strategies do they adopt that makes them stand out of the crowd every time?

Why are they in such a high-demand but so short-supply?

How can you build up yourself to be a top player not just in your organization, but also in your industry?

How can you become a person of generational influence in your industry?

These and much more questions would be answered during this one-day seminar.

Some of the topics include:

  •        What do you See?
  •        The 40+ Habit
  •        The Be-Do-Have Principle
  •        The Whole-Person Approach to Work
  •        The Effects of Imbalance
  •        The Importance of Balance
  •        The Cycle of High Achievement
  •        The Higher Power Principle
  •        The Principles of Effective Execution
  •        Now you have the Ball!


  1.        FREE Personal Career Coaching for all the attendants, worth $500
  2.        FREE E-Books (by the CEO) worth $260
  3.        FREE Audio Materials (by Soar Africa) worth $25


DATE: 27th of January, 2013

TIME: 2:00 PM

VENUE: The RCCG Hall, Frontliners Schools, Junction B/S, Agbado-Ijaye Road, Ijaye, Lagos.





Text Names, Phone Number, and Email to 08064980357,

For more information, please call +2348096001659 or send an email to

NOTE: This training is also available for in-house purpose.

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To your productivity.

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