The Most Important Moment of Life

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  • June 10, 2013

Ever seen any movie on gladiators? A gladiator is a fighter (in ancient Rome) who fought another combatant in the arena to the excitement of the spectators. One thing is certain every time the arena opens – blood must be spilled. Each gladiator is then left but with only one purpose: fight well and live!

In the movie Spartacus, Batiatus’ men stood, getting ready to face Solonius’ men. The odds were surely against the House of Batiatus as the number was in the ratio of more than two to one. Batiatus went into the chambers and encouraged his men saying: “Everything we have dreamed of, suffered and died for, the worth of it all turns upon this single momentYou stand outnumbered but not outmatched.

As the gladiator must fight well to the excitement of the crowd and the preservation of his life, so must you do your job so well to the satisfaction of your customers (internal or external) and the preservation of your career. Every of your training, education, talents, skills, exposure, experience, ambitions, sacrifice, hopes – everything you are and have – the worth of it all turns upon each moment you have with your customer.

Do the job right the first time, and all the time. Prepare. Study. Practice. Envision. Anticipate. Believe. Seek to make the most of every moment. The most important moment of your life is the moment with your customer. Make every moment count.

To your productivity!

Dele Ayo Bankole (DAB)

Workplace Strategist

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