The Power of the Conscience

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  • December 9, 2013

Where is it hidden?

Have you ever pondered or wondered why people do the things that they do? Some experts say, it’s in the temperament, some say it’s in the personality; some say it’s in the attitude; but I say it’s in the nature.

Your nature is who you are; especially when no one is watching. Your nature is that which comes from you because it is just you. You don’t go to school to learn to be human, or to do things that humans do. You don’t need a degree to know that food must go to the mouth; that you must pass excreta. You don’t need montessori to laugh; to yawn; to dance; to feel the need for love.

Your actions are only a reflection of your nature. And the seat of nature is the conscience – that aspect of the mind that gives us clues as to good or bad. If you have a bad conscience, you will naturally take bad actions. If you have a good conscience, you will think and do good things.

My challenge to you this day is to hold on to faith and a good conscience, so that you will not make a shipwreck of your existence.

You can bring out the good in you.

I believe in you!

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