The Power of Three or More

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  • September 30, 2013

The family is God’s idea. He intentionally started the first one and expected the entire human race to find existence from them. But it all started with one, and then two (the seed bearer), then comes the children…one, two, three…billion…still counting.

The Bible says that children are like arrows in the hand of a mighty man (Ps 127:4). This then means that the distance to which the arrow can cover is a function of the skill and strength of the mighty man. The mighty man serves as the launching platform for the arrow.

Think about that: a lot of us have had to start life from the scratch because we couldn’t get a platform high enough to kickstart our dreams. Many don’t even have any platform – they’d had to first create their platform before even thinking of launching out.

But this trend must stop with us.

We must work on our capacity to create a platform strong and high enough for our children to launch forth into the glorious destiny to which God has called them. We must give our very best in ensuring that their generation and those to come after live better lives than ours.

Arise, and conquer, and build, o mighty man of valor!

I believe in you!

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