The Purpose of Inspiration

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  • December 5, 2013


Who would you rather employ: an intelligent person or an inspired person?

Intelligence is great. No one wants to hangout with a dullard. An intelligent can normally break down complex thoughts and make them easy to grasp. He has the capacity to aquire knowledge and apply them to practice.

But you know what? When an intelligent person is reading a book, that book must have been written by an inspired person. Intelligent people go to school to study the thoughts and works of inspired people.

Inspiration gives you a stimulating influence upon your intellect and emotions, which makes you to see images or capture thoughts that are beyond the physical optical eyes. Inspiration makes it easy for you to live in two realms – the visible and invisible. Inspiration makes invincible and unmoved by your immediate environment. It gives you faith, peace and a strong sense of purpose. It makes tomorrow more real than today.

Little wonder Henry Ford said: “You can’t learn in school what the world will do next year.”

Go for inspiration.

I believe in you!

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