The Spirit of Productivity

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  • September 13, 2012

The greatest threat to productivity is not in working in a difficult terrain, but in not knowing what you have at your disposal in getting your job done. Too often, we believe that the problem is out there. We see the limitation too easily, losing sight of the opportunity that the problem brings alongside with it. Napoleon Hill was fond of saying that in every adversity is a seed of an equal or greater benefit. This is another way of saying there is a problem in every opportunity and there is an opportunity in every problem. A few days ago, I was listening to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s message titled “Why Positive People Always Get Positive Results”. He said they always get positive results because of their positive attitude to problems. Positive people anticipate problems and welcome them with all gladness. We should always remember that there can be no progress without problems. What determines your productivity then is in your possessing the spirit of productivity.


Productivity is a spirit – an attitude, a disposition, a force of character. A story was told long ago about how shoe manufacturing business started in India: how two sales reps were sent from a particular shoe manufacturing company to survey the territory. Seeing that no one wears shoes, the first rep sent a telegram home saying, “No market here. No one wears shoes!” The other sent an opposite message: “No competition and a ready market; no one wears shoes.” The shoes sold like wildfire.


To be truly productive, there must be an innate, insatiable desire in you to produce a particular, predetermined result in a clearly defined area of your choice. Productivity is not something wished: it is something worked. An unviable seed cannot wish itself to be productive; it must have inbuilt the capacity to produce. Before you employ people, you must first find out if, with regards to the job concerned, they’d actually be productive. This has little to do with skills, education and talents. It has to do with the person’s ProductivityQuotientTM. A lot of people have skills and education in a field for which they are not crafted. Day-in and day-out, they go to work grudgingly and grotesquely. They simply cannot wait for the clock to tick at 5. Whatever it is that is left undone is none of their business. They signed 9-to-5 in their acceptance letter, not ‘ensure that the job is done before you leave’. Now, they can’t understand why their boss would be placing some unnecessary demands on them at 4:45pm. “If it can’t wait till tomorrow, then I can’t wait either”.


People write a lot of things in their resumes and cover letters. You must have seen something like I can work for long hours, with minimal supervision, and under pressure. But you and I know that these are just Job Hunting Marketing Strategies. A desperate person can do – or claim he can do – anything. A lot of HRM’s employ these people only to discover that they are P.U.R.E. You want to know the meaning of PURE? I got that from a career development program I attended a few months ago. It is called Previously Unidentified Recruitment Errors.


To avoid or drastically minimize having occasions of PURE in your organization, what you need is not necessarily work experience, education or skills. It is the understanding and application of ProductivityQuotientTM that you need. You must be able to analyze and decipher the Spirit of Productivity. If you can’t, I’m afraid, you must get ready for some PURE! They may not show the first few months of employment, but you can be sure they would surface.


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Together, we can raise a truly productive workforce, and build a truly productive nation.


To your productivity,


D. A. B.




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September 13, 2012 Reply

you are just on point boss…keep the good work !!!

Oluwatoni Daramola
September 14, 2012 Reply

Weldone Bro, i am proud of you!

Doyin ojo
September 14, 2012 Reply

I realy like dt acrony pure. Previously unidentified recruitment error.

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