The Voice of Inspiration

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  • November 12, 2013

The Unseen Leader

Each day, millions of people flood the highways, like they say ‘looking for their daily bread’. Many are driven by their animalistic instincts, some by their natural intelligence, and a few by their voice of inspiration.

Those driven by instincts have an undying quest for survival. They are aggressive, non-law-abiding, uncultured, unprincipled. In short, they can do anything to ‘make ends meet’.

Those driven by their natural intelligence are smart, methodical, focused, determined, and proud. They believe they are indomitable until they are faced with the harsh realities of life. Then they gradually expose the ‘animality’ in them.

The inspired are few. They have a clear picture of the future, though their current realities may be contrary. They live each day at a time, and have the capacity to provide solutions even before the problems arrive. They live in the realm of the intangible and possess deep, powerful insights.

We may applaud men of instincts for their notoreity, celebrate intelligent people for their achievements, but people of inspiration don’t die. They continue to live even for several generations.

To which class do you belong?

Take the path of inspiration.

I believe in you!

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