There are no insignificant persons

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  • January 17, 2014

… Ever Seen An Insignificant Human?

We live at a time when class is everything. There are first-class, business-class, economic-class, pako-class and no-class citizens. The higher up the ladder you are, the more attention you get, and the more ‘significant’ you are made to believe you are (until you drop off that class!)

I once read about a girl who was insignificant that no one cared to know her name. She was taken as a plunder of war; been severely beaten and brutally raped by the sex-starving soldiers; bound in chains around her arms and neck; and made to trek several miles barefooted in the heat of the desert sand. She was deployed to the house of the commander of the army of Syria, Naaman. And was christened ‘Servant Girl’.

After a while, she was able to outgrow her bitterness. Her master had a serious challenge which he had always covered up with his armour – he had leprosy. ‘Servant Girl’ summoned courage, and spoke with her mistress about the God of the Jews, who could solve all problems. Naaman ‘tried’ her God, and had his skin restored to that of a baby. This act humbled him, and made him turn to worship the God of ‘Servant Girl’. (2 Kings 5)

Like ‘Servant Girl’, it’s possible life has not been fair to you. People may have trodden on you, taken advantage of and deserted you. It may even be that no one knows or cares if you exist. But I make bold to tell you that you may not be recognized, but you are not insignificant. If you have Jesus, you are a priceless jewel.

Do what you can today to make a difference in someone’s life. Outgrow your hurts. Forgive and forge ahead. Make the most of every opportunity to add something positive to everyone that comes in contact with you today.

You’re an asset.

I believe in you!

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