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  • September 30, 2013

The faith-for-prosperity message has been one of the revolutions that ever happened to the Christian faith. Before now, clergy men used to be paupers and ill-treated, to the extent that people considered it suicidal to want to be a pastor.

Obviously, the reverse is the case now. One of the most attractive professions today is the pastoral ‘profession’. And the ‘packaging’ is now even so tight that many of us now live a triangular life of church-work-home. With home being the place to get some sleep so we can kick off the cycle the following day.

A recent research shows that parents spend less than 38 minutes in a week in giving their children undivided attention. We are so preoccupied with activities that we forget the main thing – the family.

Children are a gift from God; they His reward (Ps 127:3). How are you handling your own gifts? Are you paying some teachers so heavily to help you fulfill your responsibilities, and later complain about some negative traits your chidren are displaying? Do you know what exactly your children and spouse are going through? Are you your children’s best friend and confidant?

True prosperity, I think, is living a balanced life; not loving ‘church’ and work to the detriment of the family. The bible says: “Wisdom builds her house.” (Prov 9:1)

Today, Grow In Focus-on-the-family (TGIF)

I believe in you!

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