Types of Fear || Why do we find it difficult to take action?

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  • May 24, 2012
is anything that takes away your attention from what you are doing or thinking
about. A lot of us have very good intentions, high hopes, and great dreams. But
slowly and stealthily, we seem to let these dreams and hopes slip us by. We
literally lose the battle in our minds. The ‘enemy’ helps us to take our
attention off what we want, and concentrate instead on what we don’t want.
who the heck are these enemies? Let’s try to identify a few of them:
Past Programming
The normal (but vicious) cycle is to go to school, get a ‘real’
job, and settle down. When we have dreams that break this cycle, it becomes a
struggle: both within and without us. Objections begin to arise. And before we
know it, we follow and flow in the ‘rat race’. Like the popular saying, “Let’s
do it like it’s always been done, so we can get the result we’ve always got!”
But the big question is this: how has it always been?
Past Experiences
Often, we tend to be haunted by our past if we’ve not dealt with
it. When we seek to attempt something in which we seem to have failed before, a
voice rises up in our heads: ‘Are you sure it won’t be like before?’ Let me
share a personal experience: I once had a botched relationship. Though I have
forgiven myself and moved on, whenever I consider the subject, I hear a voice
asking: ‘Are you sure it won’t be like the last one?’ but I have learnt to
convert this to a strength; to consider my motives, vision and values and check
if they are in sync with hers.
If not well handled, our past can break us and push us out of the
race of life.
Prime of Life
Many realize what they
could or ought to do but conclude in their hearts that they are too old to do
anything about it. “How can I learn to play a musical instrument again at 50?”
“I don’t have the energy to run any business now that I am 60!” “Pursuing
passion is for the young. It’s mere youthful exuberance! When they become old
like us, they will know we also tried it. Nothing works in this country.”
Pasting of Hope
Hope is the fuel of hope. Hope helps one to be optimistic despite
challenges. Hope keeps your gaze on the brighter side of life. Hope keeps you
ablaze, aglow and alive.
But when hope is lost, life is lost. And without this life, this
vital force, this energy, no matter how excited or motivated one may be, he can
never do anything positive and meaningful. Like an excited proton (positive
charge), it will eventually attract an electron (negative charge) and return to
the resting state (ground level).
There is no point motivating a purposeless person. It’s like a gun
in the hand of a 4-year old. What do you expect him to do with it?
Or say FEAR! I consider this to be the greatest enemy of action.
It is the opposite of faith, or trust. So, we can see the word DISTRACTION is
made of two words: DISTRUST and ACTION. Fear makes you distrust the outcome of
your actions and keeps you immobilized. It expresses itself in one of the
following ways:
Fear of Failure: What if I try and it fails? How do I get myself
Fear of Ridicule: won’t people jeer me? Won’t they say I’m proud
and arrogant?
c. Fear of Isolation: I would be on my own if I try. It’s better to
flow with the crowd. Why should I lose all my friends and connections?
Fear of the Unknown: what will happen if I try now? One bird at
hand is worth two in the bush. The devil we know is better than the angel we
only we hear about.
Fear of Rejection: will people accept me? Won’t I be pushed around
as if I’m nobody?
Fear of Success: What if I succeed and fail again? And won’t my
success make me look arrogant and phony. Besides, all successful people are
Fear of the Future: what does tomorrow hold for me? Let me just
live one day at a time.
Fear of Incompetence: Am I capable or competent enough? May be I
should wait and acquire more knowledge before I try! While it is good to know,
this statement is usually borne out of fear. You will never realize how much
you know until you try.
Fear of Connection: Who do I know that can help me, or that I may
ask for help?
Fear of Consistence: Will I have enough energy or resources to
continue if I start? When faced with challenges, will I be able to hold on?
Fear of Completion: can I finish this thing even if I start it?
Will I ever live to reap the rewards if I start now?
l.   Fear of Commitment: Won’t this bind me to something and take away
my freedom? Will I still be able to do things the way I’d always wanted to?
are all a product of our past habits. What we’ve done before we may likely do
again. To see a different and brighter future, we must jettison dysfunctional
and deterrent habits, and embrace progressive and promoting ones. We must feed
our minds with the right information to think right. And as we think right, we
feel right, and act right. King Solomon said, “As a man thinks in his heart so
is he.” Find out what God has said about you and your future. Meditate on it
till you have an assurance in your heart that what is said of you is true.
Trust is the only antidote against rust.
you can change your world by taking the right steps today, however challenging
it seems. Feel the fear and act anyway. Your success story is the next to be
I long to hear from you.
believe in you!

Ayo Bankole: An International Keynote Speaker, Creative Writer,
Leadership and Productivity Coach, and Corporate MC. He has spoken on several
platforms – from schools, churches, business organizations to gatherings of all
classes. He is the President of Barnabas International, and
Principal Coach, SOAR Academy.
He designs websites for leisure. He is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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