Where is your wing?

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  • October 29, 2013

Do you have wings?

When an athlete or a team performs poorly consistently, who gets the blame? Why do great talents like Kobi Bryant, Usain Bolt, The Serenas, Lionel Messi…need ‘instructors’?

You see, we all need coaches. A coach helps you to see your blindspots and weaknesses. She helps to study your opponents’ strategies, and prepares you to outsmart them. She helps you to discover special abilities you possess but are unaware of. She helps you to believe in yourself in times of discouragement. She provides you with resources that will help you get better. In short, she provides you with wings to soar.

Sometime ago, a friend of mine who had little knowledge of a particular business he is considering went to see a coach. As they rounded off their almost two hours discussion, the coach told him, “If you lack experience, don’t lack guidance.”

No wonder Solomon said: “to win, you need a lot of good counsel.”

Go for wings.

I believe in you!

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