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  • October 8, 2012

It is typical of humans to have goals, aspirations, desires and a sense of engaging in productive tasks and a meaningful contribution to life. These constitute to mankind a sign of progress. When what they are engaged in, especially their jobs, does not give them this feeling of being useful, of being important, of being productive, frustration sets in.

Image for Cycle-of-frustration Frustration is a feeling of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment. But the feeling can become grievous, that it begins to find expression in attitude, behaviour, demeanor, and consequently, performance.

Common causes of frustration

  1. Personal attitude. This is the main cause of (and in most cases the only reason for) frustration. Many employees have untamed egos. Some even pride themselves to have inherited their wildness from their ancestry or their tribes. You hear things like “I be typical so-and-so person, and no one ever talks to us that way.” And something like, “We are stubborn in our tribe and no one can win us in an argument.” Some are just simply immature. They are so touchy that simple comments that could be easily passed over become a big issue for them.
  2. Poor Communication. Some supervisors are just not trained on how to communicate effectively in getting jobs done. Some carry their upbringing and past experiences into the workplace. Some even think that trying to understand people is a sign of weakness. So they don’t just care how you feel. They open their mouths wide and just allow the words to flow freely. Like some say, “It is the person who looks into the eyes of the bride that knows whether or not she is crying.” Of course! What everyone sees is her smiles. But shouldn’t supervisors/managers be trained to look into the eyes of their colleagues, subordinates or even superiors, to know what or how they feel in order to communicate with them effectively?
  3. Disloyalty of the Employer. When the employer does not keep to the terms of employment, frustration also sets in. a few days ago, I was having a stroll around my residence in the evening, when a young man who rarely talks with me approached me and was apologizing for disturbing me. Ok! What’s the issue? He said he had not been paid by his organization for the past three months, and he can’t explain why on earth their salaries had been withheld. He begged me to see if I could help him with a placement just anywhere. Of which I told him to mail his CV to me. When employers do this, they may lose some of their best hands to frustration.
  4. Poor Performance Management System. Many organizations set up their staff for competition with one another. They reward individual efforts instead of team contributions. When individuals are singled out, how do you expect them to cooperate with others? It becomes a game of “Who wants to be the Next MVP?”
  5. Lack of organizational direction. If you are an employer reading this article right now, could you please take some time off to chat up some of your staff and ask them what the vision of the organization is. I’d be glad to have your feedback on this. But experience has shown that many employees don’t just know where the organization is headed. Then they begin to feel lost. And when one can’t see the way ahead of him, it is one of the greatest sources of frustration that can be experienced.
  6. Lack of connectivity. Some employees have an idea of the kind of future they want for themselves. If they’ve studied the lives of their superiors and the organizational culture, and they can’t just find a connection between these and their ideal future, frustration sets in. they feel like a fish on land, and desperately crave for their water. I once read about a chartered accountant with a high paying salary, but had always dreamt of being a writer. She had to drag herself to work day-in-day-out till one day she could no longer stomach the pressure from within her. Nothing else could satisfy her burning desire to write. But the question is why did she take the pain to study that much and take up the job in the first place? Find out in my article on Reasons Why People Go to Work.
  7. Lack of opportunities for growth. From basic science, one of the paramount qualities of living things is that they grow. Not only must the organism have the capacity to grow, the environment must also support its quest to grow. We are quite familiar with this in basic science, but many organizations don’t know that this also applies to business science. Dear reader, if I may ask you, when was the last time you took training, or provided one for your staff? When it seems overhead or inflation is high, the first point of call for most organizations is to cut off their capacity for growth – by cutting off trainings. If you don’t create the environment for your staff to remain animated on their job, you may not get less than the opposite of animation: frustration!

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