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  • March 22, 2012


Staying happy and healthy can be as simple as ABC. If you can lay hold of the right tools, then you’d have no problem achieving your purposes.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Have a Vision

Nothing motivates like having a vision. And nothing demotivates like a lack of it. You won’t be truly happy if you can’t convince yourself that there is a better future ahead. All contraction is death. All expansion is life. Vision gives you that expansion. A life without vision will end in frustration.

2. Live in the Present

To be truly happy in life, you must learn to be happy with yourself and what you have per time. No matter what you have, you will soon discover someone that has what you don’t. Instead of living in frustration, comparing yourself with another person, pause and consider the vision you have for yourself, and compare yourself from where you are and where you ought to be. Then celebrate where you are as if you are already where you ought to be. In no time, you will see yourself there.

3. Be Humble

You have nothing to gain by riding on others roughly and arrogantly. The shortest route to the top is through service. You need to be calm-headed, while you cloth yourself with patience, perseverance and persistence. You will surely get there.

4. Desire the Best

What you don’t desire, you don’t deserve. The proof of desire is pursuit. So set great goals for yourself, and keep them in focus at all times. Your goals should be in consonance with your vision. Place a demand on yourself by deliberate discipline. What you don’t demand, you simply don’t deserve.

5. Be Kind and Generous to Others

You must learn to keep the Golden Rule: Do for others what you want them do for you. Be committed to helping other people, especially those who can’t repay you. When you put smile on people’s faces, you cannot be frowning yourself. when you sow happiness, you also reap happiness. This is a sure way to keep your joy tank full always.

6. Be Sincere

Many have landed theomselves in trouble simply by trying to be what they are not. The greatest misery is self-imposed misery. A fake person is one that brings hardship on himself by himself. You don’t have to please everybody because you can’t please everybody. Always be free, open, and be yourself at all times. Whatever the situation, give your best even when to the ordinary eyes your best doesn’t seem good enough. Don’t pretend to be what you don’t intend to be.

7. Be Lively and Sociable

You have all to gain by welcoming others into your life. Be that kind of person that people are always comfortable to be with; cheering them up, lightening their burdens, and lifting their spirits. When you create this kind of atmosphere for others, you also create it for yourself.

8. Maintain Justice; Whatever it takes

We seem to celebrate mediocre and castigate excellence today than ever before in history. The wrong is wrong even if all support it. That same sex marriage is passed to law in some states does not make it right. We all know that by common sense. The right is right even if all kick against it. Stand for the truth, whatever the cost. The feeling that you are up for the right thing to do brings a sense of fulfilment and happiness to your soul.

9. Be Unperturbed

You must strive to maintain your inner peace and joy, whatever comes your way. A certain man went to a sage one day and said, “Sir! Nothing is working for me.” The sage examined him for some seconds and asked, “Did anyone carry you here or you walked by yourself?” “I walked in myself,” he replied. Giving him a piece of paper and pen, the sage said, “Write, number one: My legs are working.” “Did anyone lead you by the hand?” “No, I can see.” “Number two: My eyes are working.” They went on and on, until the list had thirty items on it. The young man exclaimed, “Sir! now I can see…everything is working.” Focus on what is working, not what is not, and you will always have your peace intact.

10. Seek and Merit Divine Help

God created you, and is so much interested in you. Work on building a quality relatioship with Him, and the joy of His presence will always permeate your heart and life.

The Author

Ayo Bankole is a Mentor, Author, Shepherd, Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Revolutionary. He is the President of Barnabas International, an organization with the vision to raise agents of global transformation by people enlightenment, encouragement and empowerment. He works as a Programmer and Public Speaker. He is an International Keynote Speaker at Seminars, Conferences, Youth Rallies, and Churches.


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